Mar 242010

The contract has been signed. The inspection completed and the list of requests approved. I can’t believe that we might one day (soon!) live in this house. Cook in this kitchen. . . See the double ovens?  One will have a dedicated spot for my baking stone . . . Bathe my babies in this bathtub. . . And mama too . . . I love how deep it is! Dine al fresco . . . I’m going to need some chairs . . . And garden to my heart’s content. Look!  They even have a sandbox all ready for my boys! I’m still holding my breath, waiting for something terrible to happen to squash our dream of owning our first home.  Is that weird?  Is this a normal feeling [… To read more, click here …]

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Nov 112009

Happy 400th Post! Can you believe it? I sure can’t! A big THANK YOU to all those readers who keep coming back and coming by, I appreciate you! And a bigger, THANK YOU to my lovely, loving hubby, T., who reads every post (he’s a subscriber!) and appreciates this creative outlet of mine. I love you sweetheart! I know that, at first, I developed this blog just to practice my writing. To get out what was in my head. As I got married, had a baby, began building a home, it’s become more focused and has just become a beautiful thing that I love. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to write (which I love) and write about what I love, and keeping up the encouragement. I’ve made so [… To read more, click here …]

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Nov 032009

We are in Colorado this week visiting with my parents while T. goes elk hunting with my dad . . . this is T.’s first hunting trip and he is so excited to be learning from a seasoned hunter like my dad. Mom and I have been enjoying quiet days at home with the boys and are planning and prepping a few recipe tutorials for the holidays! I’m enjoying browsing through Mom’s cookbook collection and getting ideas . . . Things may be a bit quiet this week, but I’m working on posts for next! See you then! Oh, and PS. Please keep us in your prayers! I’ve been praying for the Lord to lead T. to an elk, not only because it’s his first hunting trip, but to provide [… To read more, click here …]

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Oct 062009

In the past few weeks I’ve happened upon a few new blogs that I love . . . and wanted to share the love . . . Momtessori – Another homeschooling Montessorian . . . love it! Food in Jars – All about canning. Did you know that you can homecan stock? I don’t know why I never thought to do that before . . . I’m learning a lot from her! Like Mother, Like Daughter – The mother of this blog just makes me feel like a special neice of hers who she has invited over to help her make dinner and chat. Crazy Mom Quilts – for inspiration and encouragement for this new hobby of mine. Life in Grace – Another new favorite. She blogs about mothering, homeschooling, [… To read more, click here …]

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