Can I use your recipe on my blog?

All content, photography and the vast majority of the recipes on this blog are original, unless otherwise noted.  I spend a lot of time working on perfecting recipes before I post them, taste-testing, researching, adding and subtracting ingredients, taking photos, etc. – it is a labor of love.  It is also why I’ve copyrighted this blog.  So yes, you can link to my recipe on your blog, thanks for asking!, but please follow the guidelines dictated in the copyright when doing so.  Thank you!

I’m interested in advertising/sponsorship/having you review my book/a giveaway on your blog, how can I contact you?

Please e-mail me with details at: sarah(at)sarahwarren(dot)net

What are your culinary influences or philosophies?

I’ve always loved to cook, always loved to eat and come from a foodie family. We talk about dinner plans at breakfast and call each other when we want to share a new recipe or idea.  It’s what we do.

I really began learning more about the real food lifestyle when I was in high school and deciding which college to attend and what career to pursue. I had scholarships for both International Business and Culinary Arts. I chose International Business but wanted to continue to learn about cooking so began reading Jacques Pepin’s Technique book and Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I wanted to teach myself the basics, from mother sauces to knife skills, on my own, at home. From there I sort of stumbled across the real and nourishing food movement and haven’t looked back. It made sense to me, to eat . . . food. Pared down to the original source. Not food products. Not processed foods. Just, food.

I’m influenced from everything from Sally Fallon Morrell’s Nourishing Traditions to Michael Ruhlman’s Charcuterie and Mario Batali’s Italian Grill.  I like stripping it down to it’s basics and then build it back up with flavor.  I’m inspired by the seasons and am constantly working to learn more and get better at the joy of cooking.

Now that I’m a mother, I realize that the health of my family, today and in the future, is literally in my hands. I feel it is important to know what they need to not only survive, but thrive, while having fun and enjoying food at the same time. Watching my children relish, with gusto, fresh fruits and veggies, eat all varieties of cheeses and yogurts, pick off and devour (with fat little toddler fingers) all of the crispy skin off of a roast chicken before eating the meat, and being open to new foods and new cuisines, those moments are what make the “work” (which I often think is fun) of living a real food lifestyle worth it!

I thought you said you followed WAPF/Primal/Raw, why are some of your recipes unsoaked/have white flour/feature sugar/include grains or legumes/are cooked?

This blog has documented the last six years of my life. As I’ve learned and grown toward eating more real, fresh food, the recipes reflect what was happening on our kitchen table at the time.  I do not follow one specific food philosophy to the letter, I think there is always something new to learn.  I’m certainly influenced by the philosophies noted above, but am always open to new information, new recipes and new flavors.  I want this blog and my recipes to be accessible, no matter your food philosophies or what stage you are in your journey toward eating real food.

If I provide a recipe, the technique, ingredients and process are what and how I did, use and make it.  Feel free to augment it to fit your food philosophy and pantry.

I asked you a question in comments or sent an e-mail and got no response, why?

Because I’m a real person and I am very poor at managing my inbox.  Some days I can respond almost immediately, other times it might take up to a few weeks to respond.  Sorry!  I read all comments and all e-mails and appreciate them immensely!  But sometimes things like laundry, picnics at the park, weeding the garden or just spending an evening away from the computer get in the way . . . just like everyone else!

Any other questions?  Feel free to comment in a specific post or e-mail me at sarah(at)sarahwarren(dot)net

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