Nov 142012

Thanksgiving is just over a week away!  Here’s a few of our family’s favorite recipes you want to make sure not to forget! How to High Heat Roast a Turkey Perfect Pie Crust Chocolate Pecan Tart Deep Dish Sweet Potato Pecan Pie Healthy Green Bean Casserole Three Cheese Twice Baked Cauliflower Casserole Spiced Apple Cider in the Crock Pot and for something light, bright, and seasonal, try my Avocado & Grapefruit Salad with Toasted Walnuts And, if this is your first time hosting Thanksgiving dinner, check out my Thanksgiving prep schedule! And for the leftovers?  May I suggest trying out my Buffalo Chicken (Turkey?) Dip for football watching over the weekend, which goes great with Three Cheese Fondue with Caramelized Onions, or for a healthier treat, try Green Chile Turkey [… To read more, click here …]

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Feb 152011

Is there anything better than a slice of toasted homemade bread?

Especially one with the full, nutty yet sweet flavor of potatoes . . .

Oh, and lest we forget, how about one with an extra swirl of flavor? While most swirl breads feature sweet fillings this one has a surprise inside. Because what goes better with potatoes than bacon and cheese? And chives? And sour cream? They’re in there too . . . Too rich? No problem, the (plain) potato bread is a fantastic, soft loaf perfect for sandwiches or toast. But ready for an adventure? The loaded swirl bread is a conversation piece in itself and is perfect (in my humble opinion) :

* sliced and topped with cheddar and browned under a broiler before being dunked into soup
* toasted and topped with cream cheese and slices of tomato
* as a savory accompaniment to deviled chicken salad. Yum.

How are you planning on enjoying this loaf?

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Nov 292010

Pie Crust.

I’ve made them all. Recipes with a touch of vinegar or vodka. Recipes with a precise blend of cold butter to cold lard. Recipes with yogurt, whole wheat flour, sugar, no sugar, with an egg, flour kept in the freezer first. . . the list goes on.

But for the past two years I’ve made the same recipe. I’ve found a winner. And, though I briefly mentioned it last year in a guest post, I decided that once and for all, I had to share it here.

The Perfect Pastry Dough.

According to me. . . .

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Nov 222010

Who doesn’t adore a steamy mug of hot chocolate?

It warms ones soul; starting from my fingers encircling the mug, both hands, if the opportunity arises, all the way on down to the belly. Instant comfort, instant calm, and immediate bolstering on a crisp, winter day.

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Jan 142010

Imagine you’re sitting in front of a crackling fire. Suddenly, you smell something delicious coming from the kitchen. Creamy, a little smoky,   A perfect meal for a wintry night, lightly melty over a forkful of sourdough french bread. This is not your typical, “traditional” fondue.  First, I add the smokiness of my caramelized onion marmalade which I make in a big batch in advance in the crockpot and store in the fridge.  Second, it includes cream cheese, which isn’t in a standard traditional fondue, but is a fixture in my fridge, plus I often use cheddar if I don’t have gruyere.  And you know what?  This cheese fondue is amazing.  Creamy, smoky, delicious.  I’m thinking I’m going to start using it in place of my standard roux-based cheese sauce [… To read more, click here …]

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