Nov 132009

This recipe is a family favorite. It would not be the holidays without spiced apple cider, ladled from a waiting, simmering slow cooker into mugs lovingly cupped in cold fingers. We serve this at Christmas parties and to carollers, sip it while making pfefferniuss and while watching our favorite Christmas movies. I can’t eat Thanksgiving pie without a cup of spiced apple cider nearby. Nor open Christmas presents. A waft of this and I am home. Spiced Apple Cider adjust to fill your particular Slow Cooker Enough apple juice to fill your slow cooker. Growing up, we always used the frozen concentrated variety and I’m not above using that now! For every “can” of prepared frozen juice (or approximately 32 ounces of juice if you are using fresh or bottled [… To read more, click here …]

Nov 122009

Wait, let me repeat myself. Double Chocolate Cake with Hot Fudge Sauce And did I mention it is entirely whole wheat? Yes, yes it is. Oh, and cooked in your slow cooker? Yes, yes it is. You know you’ve seen recipes like this before. I had. And I thought, “Baking? In a crock pot?” At first I only found recipes in old, original crock pot recipe books that had you baking inside of a metal coffee can inserted in your slow cooker. Quaint, I thought, but I have an oven. But then I saw a recipe I couldn’t ignore. I tried it. It was good. I fiddled around with it and it became better, and better for you. And I’m here to share it with you today. Because Yes, you [… To read more, click here …]

Nov 112009

I have been eating this dish since I was a little girl. This recipe has been adapted by my dad from the original cookbook that came with their first Crock Pot, which they received as a wedding gift, 35 years ago. Dad remembers that crock pots were quite expensive at that time, compared to average wages, and three families went together to buy them one. What a gift. And for me, growing up, a gift that kept on giving. I was the happy recipient of hundreds (thousands?) of meals from that crock pot, and it’s even the happily featured dial that is pictured on the “For the Love of the Slow Cooker” button. See that burnt orange looker? Fantastic! There’s really not much difference between this recipe and Julia Child’s [… To read more, click here …]

Nov 102009

There is something beautiful that happens when you cook a bunch of onions, low and slow with butter. They become sweet, almost smoky with a depth of flavor that you’d never believe could come from the sharp, acrid taste of fresh onion. I love caramelized onions. As the base for French Onion Soup, piled on top of leftover roast beef in a sandwich or strewn over a pizza (maybe with some sliced granny smith apples and fontina cheese? How good does that sound? Yum.) But the thing is, to make really good caramelized onions, you have to be prepared to babysit a skillet of onions for 40 – 60 minutes or longer. You have to make sure not to get antsy and turn up the heat. You always, always end [… To read more, click here …]

Nov 092009

Hi!  Thanks for visiting! This is an older post and I confess, I actually have a new favorite way to make yogurt now.  With only two ingredients, you’ll make the thickest, creamiest, homemade yogurt ever!  Come check it out here. However, if you’d still like to make it in the slow cooker, keep reading! Sarah P.S. – Like what you read? Before you go, make sure to subscribe in a reader, via e-mail (in the box to the right) or via facebook to keep up to date with new posts! See you soon!   I am the last person you would think who would be making yogurt. I never thought I would. I thought that, unless you ran a dairy farm, yogurt was just one of those things that you [… To read more, click here …]

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