Nov 152012

Oh, real food.  How I love you!  It seems like I’ve been on this real food journey forever but it was really only about five years ago that I first read Nourishing Traditions, which changed my diet, my viewpoint and my life from then on.  I’ve since read dozens of other books, cookbooks, and scientific literature, immersed myself in blogs, watched documentaries, listened to seminars, experimented on myself with recipes and foods, and even begun my journey to become a holistic health coach. One of the big ideas from Nourishing Traditions that has stuck with me is the health benefits of lacto-fermented foods.   When I first started blogging I even made a fermented food a day, for a whole week once!  But unfortunately, realized that some of them didn’t quite [… To read more, click here …]

Oct 042010

This is such a simple dressing to make and a kitchen mainstay in our home. If you can make your own buttermilk (I’ve been trying my hand at one from Cultures for Health ) it’s even better as you can make it organic and with whole milk! Sometimes I mix this up with a few leaves of basil thrown in, but it’s a pretty classic dressing that everyone loves; it makes a gorgeous green dressing perfect for your favorite crunchy salad greens or slaw (or, ahem, spicy grilled chicken wings . . . it is football season, after all!)

Aug 022010

The first time I had a dilly bean, it was at a bar. Well, not really a bar, per se, more like a nice restaurant loungey-kind of bar. The kind that serves brunch.  And Bloody Mary’s. My first dilly bean was lovingly served in place of celery to stir a brunchy Bloody Mary, and I thought it was brilliant.  I’ve been hooked ever since. Dilly beans are great.  A green bean, pickled with seasonings you normally relegate to cucumbers.  Except. . . . they become different.  They’re crunchier, they have a better bite, and, of course, they don’t fall apart in one’s drink.  They’re the perfect thing you can do to a green bean, other than eat them fresh out of the garden. My parents make traditional dilly beans, processed [… To read more, click here …]

May 262010

Oh, how I love pickles. We’ll just start it out like that. Because you are likely to see all manner of vegetables pickled this year from this kitchen. Fair warning. We love, love, love asparagus in our house. We eat it steamed, grilled and roasted. We eat it in salads, on pizzas and simply dipped in mayonnaise. But the other day, in the glee of spring asparagus season, I bought too much for us to eat. We’d already had it several times and I was afraid it might go bad before we wanted it again. So I did what any real-foodie pickle lover would do. I made pickled asparagus. Lacto-fermented, of course. Keep in mind this is more of a method than a recipe. I didn’t have any dill on [… To read more, click here …]

May 192010

It is late spring and our mornings start with the windows and doors open and breezes flowing through at breakfast, and end with dinner al fresco at night. I love it. And as the weather warms I instinctively begin craving whatever is fresh, crunchy and green. One of our favorite salads is good old Caesar.  We eat it plain on the side of a grilled steak, or as a meal with roasted or grilled chicken, salmon or shrimp on top.  I love the sharp pungency of the garlic mixed with the saltiness of the anchovies and parmesan and crisp lettuce leaves.  There’s nothing like it. I’ve been making this dressing for a few years and just love it.  It is inspired by a recipe Ina Garten originally made for a [… To read more, click here …]

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