Jun 012011

I have a confession to make.
I lost my yogurt-making mojo this winter.

Three batches in a row. Ended up with milky. . . milkiness.

So I decided to revisit my yogurt making routine. I decided to think outside of the box, found a few tips online, rolled up my sleeves and tried again.

And it worked. I made yogurt. And not only did it work but I made the thickest, creamiest yogurt I’d ever made in the two years I’ve been making yogurt. I used to have to strain my yogurt, for a day, to get it this thick. It must be a fluke.

So I did it again. And again. And revised and streamlined my technique. And I’m in love. . . .

May 092011

This is the final of the three juice recipes I wanted to share.

Another favorite, my Immunity Booster Juice, while made from fresh, raw fruits and vegetables is not what I’d consider a “Green” Juice.

It’s frankly quite orange.

There’s no greens in it at all. But I enjoy making it every so often for it’s rich, bright flavor and it’s immune enhancing qualities.

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May 042011

Another one of our new favorite juices. I call it Spicy V-12 Juice. I’ve always been a fan of V-8 juice, but, you know, they’re trademarked. And my recipe calls for 12 ingredients plus makes your body feel like a luxury sports car . . . enriching your cells with plenty of garlic and sweet and hot peppers that not only add vitamins but also internal “heat,” carrots for beta carotene and beets for encouraging de-toxification and lowering blood pressure.

Super healthy, yes, but it also tastes amazing!

May 022011

This is my basic green juice. The one I reach for and make if I don’t have a “specialty” one in mind. The one I make to add to frozen berries and pineapple in the blender to make a super antioxidant rich, sweet, green smoothie. The one I add carrots and sometimes a red bell pepper too to drink straight as a green juice. Our favorite, best-tasting basic. . . .

Aug 092010

I’m not one to gild the lily on most things. I like simple, pure flavors of whatever is freshest and in season. Especially when it comes to fruit. It is my personal opinion that there is nothing better on a hot summer day than a nice wedge of cold watermelon. Sure, every summer I make some jams, enjoy a few strawberry shortcakes, peach tarts and blackberry cobblers in the summer (my personal favorite, by the way) but when it comes to summer fruit, more often than not, I eat it fresh, unadorned and straight out of hand. I’ve seen those recipes for melon salads before.  The one that tries to take the melon’s innate sweetness and turn it savory by adding pungent, crumbly cheese, or thrown in with something like [… To read more, click here …]

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