May 312013

  Earlier this spring, when the snow was still on the ground, I began my garden indoors. I bought special seed starting trays, special organic, seed starting potting mix, and inventoried my seeds. Lots of tomatoes, some herbs, some peppers. I wrote diligent notes and a diagram of what I planted where. In about ten days the first few sprouts came up. I studied my diagram and my heart leapt – German Chamomile! I’ve been hoping to expand my medicinal herb garden and was ready to get that chamomile in the garden, as soon as it was warm enough.  A few days later more sprouts came up – basil and tomatoes, parsley and summer savory.  None of my peppers survived, but that’s a whole other post. As soon as the [… To read more, click here …]

Jan 212013

Hi Sarah, This is Sarah. I’m writing this in January for you to read in August. I know that right now you’re probably on your third Arnold Palmer of the afternoon. You’re hot. It’s horrendously humid outside. And you’re questioning the importance of all of this gardening, canning, dehydrating and putting up business. You’re tired of having crates of jars on your counter, all your red towels in the hamper and battling the air conditioner with the pressure canner steaming away. I know. Last week you bought pickling salt in bulk. I get it. This is Winter Sarah talking here. And I’m here to encourage you. Because this week alone, we enjoyed : homemade pancakes topped with homemade jam, green chile breakfast burritos, and hamburgers for dinner one night, with [… To read more, click here …]

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May 222012

My dad is the kind of man who likes to have a project to keep him occupied.  He doesn’t just sit and relax well.  He’s not one to, in the middle of the day, sit down indoors with a book (unless, perhaps, it’s in the middle of winter).  Instead, he prefers to be outside.  Busy with his hands.  Creating, doing, growing.  He relaxes, yes, but normally with a glass of wine after dinner, after a full days work. (The clematis growing up and over our arbor. It’d be growing more “up” if I remembered to tie it up more frequently, but it’s lush and gorgeously, regally purple nonetheless!) When my parents were in town recently my dad really helped in the development of my garden.  I’d had it all planned [… To read more, click here …]

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Aug 192011

The tomatoes are starting to ripen. Finally! If you’re curious about the tomatoes, from left to right we have : Green Zebra San Marzano two large Mortgage Lifter tomatoes, followed by two Cherokee Purples No sign of our Sun Gold cherry tomatoes – my favorite variety – they tend to get eaten immediately in the garden or thrown in a salad.  They rarely hang around long. Followed by a vase of summer savory, then a flower from garlic chives brought to me by a sweet four year old because it was beautful, a vase of basil, then . . . Michael the Archangel holy card tucked into the last vase.  That’s just how we roll around here. As I have about 80 more pounds of tomatoes about to turn red [… To read more, click here …]

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