May 212012

It’s been a crazy busy few weeks around here. . . . My parents came into town to celebrate T.’s graduation from Creighton with his MBA!! Sophia’s baptism with T.’s parents and with my parents   along with T.’s birthday and Mother’s Day!  It was a crazy four days in a row, with house guests, graduation dinners, birthday cakes and baptism brunches to host and make and I’ve spent the past week recuperating! Phew! Looking forward to getting back to normal blogging soon! What have you been up to?

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Jul 132011

It’s been a busy three weeks around here. . . We had a baby. We discovered the mullberries were ripe. We had a first hair cut and now his curls are gone, but his handsome face is much more apparent! We made strawberry mint jam and strawberry lemon marmalade. And enjoyed our first s’mores . . . (evidently, pre-haircut) And some pretty mean smoked ribs. Which we enjoyed on the Fourth of July, with my parents. We’ve been spending lots of time playing outside . . . and relaxing poolside . . . Michael REALLY loves the pool We are eagerly awaiting our first vegetables from the garden – zucchini and yellow squash! The tomatoes and green beans are also looking lovely and the French Breakfast radishes are a perfect [… To read more, click here …]

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Jun 262011

We joyfully welcome our daughter, Sophia 7 lbs, 13 ounces A happy and healthy little girl and already a joy to our family! Thank you all for your continued prayers! With love, Sarah, T., and Big Brother’s John and Michael

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Jun 062011

With my first pregnancy, I think we took a picture of the burgeoning belly every single week. With my second, we took photos at least once a month. This time?  Sigh.  Maybe three times.  Tops.  Not that we’re not as excited, far from it, we’re thrilled!  But just . . . busier with two little boys. To the left, though?  From Saturday.  Fully Nine Months Along with Baby Girl. This pregnancy has flown by and it’s been hard to focus on anything more than life as it flies by, let alone sit back and think about the miracle that is happening in my womb! Which is why it was such a blessing for a dear friend, Misha, to offer to host a baby shower for this baby girl we’re eagerly [… To read more, click here …]

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Feb 162011

So we had our first ultrasound on Valentine’s Day! 20 weeks along and the baby looks great!  Good heart rate, good blood flow, two arms, two legs . . . everything we were praying for. I’ve even felt her kicking more lately.  A sure sign of a happy, healthy . . . GIRL!!!! While I adore my boys, they are my heart and joy, after nearly four years of trucks and dinosaurs I’m excited for a little extra pink around these four walls! Thank you for your continued prayers!  What a blessing!

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