Jul 012013

Outside my Window… we are enjoying blooming flowers!  The roses are blooming as are the Day Lilies and the purple clematis climbing up the fence.  In bright, brutal, summertime force. I am thinking… about the novel I’m writing, the children’s books that are on my mind and the non-fiction health book I’ve also got planned out.  You might not have seen much of me here on the blog, lately, but I’ve been busy taking the time to think, imagine and write.  It’s an exciting, creative time, with a lot of work to go! From the learning room. . . John is reading up a storm!!  Regular visits to the library have been essential this summer and we are looking forward to more.   Michael has also shown an interest in learning to [… To read more, click here …]

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Apr 052013

I’m excited to join the Ultimate Blog Party hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom this year for the first time! For new readers and visitors, WELCOME!! I’d love for you to sit down and visit for a bit! For my longtime readers, maybe you’ll learn a bit more about me!

I am a Christian, a wife and a mother of three beautiful children. I am a certified Holistic Health Coach and I believe that I’m being called by God to use my faith to help strengthen other Women of Faith both body and soul.

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Oct 152012

Here’s a peek into what I’m reading this month . . .   And what we’re reading to the children . . . lots of fairy tales and folk heroes this month. . .                   What is on your bookshelf? Any good reads to share?

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Apr 092012

A Picture Thought to Share . . . Sophia’s first Easter dress! Outside my Window… it has been beautiful weather but it might get to freezing tonight. Praying that my little plants make it! I am thinking… and praying about a more focused direction for my blog, my future health coaching, and my life.  Good things are coming. Slowly, prayerfully, but they’re on their way! I am wearing . . . jeans, black sweater, bare feet. Getting ready to go to bed soon. From the learning room…John has been all about math lately.  His favorite ipad app is Rocket Math where he gets to design rockets, name them, and, to build them, has to “earn money” by answering math problems. Then, he gets to launch them.  Win, win for everyone!  [… To read more, click here …]

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Nov 012011

Why, hello again. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Let’s catch up, shall we?  Maybe in one giant daybook-ish post and then we’ll get back to normal and pretend I haven’t been MIA for the past few months.  Sound good? I am thinking… The last several months have been  wonderful but . . . exhausting, actually. I mean, it’s the first word that comes to my head. This last pregnancy was the hardest on me, physically and mentally.  This past delivery was the hardest on me, physically.  Adjusting to having three little ones four and under is NOT easy.  It has been an enormous change for me; I’ve been utterly and completely overwhelmed. We’ve had some growing pains, ones that I’m not proud to admit. Older ones acting out for [… To read more, click here …]

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