Apr 252013

I’m going to be sending out my Fabulous Friday Five post a bit early because I JUST found out about this awesome gardening e-book bundle and it’s only available (at this price) until Monday, April 29th!  I thought it was perfect for my readers, so I had to share!  Here’s the details: Whether you’re a new or experienced gardener, this week’s collection includes a variety of gardening tips for everyone! Learn how to garden without a big budget or a lot of space, discover tips for organic gardening and preserving your harvest, and get organized with custom printables. But don’t wait because this bundle is on sale for 75% off this week only! Frugal Gardening 101 by Phoebe Hendricks In Frugal Gardening 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Vegetable Gardening Without [… To read more, click here …]

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Oct 282010

Are you like me? You read Nourishing Traditions, or stumbled across the Weston A. Price foundation’s website, got inspired to make changes to your diet, and then went, “okay, where to begin?” and immediately felt overwhelmed? Did you flip through the tome, trying desperately just to find a simple dinner or snack that your in-transition-to-real-foods family or children would eat that was familiar and without having to spend a lot of money buying new ingredients for your pantry? If you answered yes and are in the midst of the transition to a more real foods diet, but have questions on how to implement it successfully in a modern American family, my fellow real food blogger, Kate Tietje of Modern Alternative Mama has written the cookbook for you; In the Kitchen [… To read more, click here …]

Oct 182010

I grew up in a family that straddled the naturopathic and pharmaceutical world quite eloquently.  My mom both encouraged gargling with sea salt & lemon concoctions, and purchased cough drops to stash in our backpacks whenever a sore throat reared it’s ugly head.  My mom swore by the idea that Food was our Miracle Medicine and that we could find healing for much of life’s ailments in nature.  In college I studied aromatherapy and the use of essential oils, even teaching classes on basic aromatherapy and relaxation techniques to my colleagues during conferences. But then I graduated.  Got a corporate job.  Got married.  Had a family.  And I found that I didn’t have the time to devote to my herbal studies anymore. Sure, I tried to buy some “natural” skincare [… To read more, click here …]

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