Dec 022010

When your three-and-a-half year old asks you to read the same bedtime story three nights in a row, you know you have a winner. . . As anyone who knows me well knows, I am a lover of books. I give people books for birthdays and anniversaries, at baby showers and graduations, for wedding gifts.  And when we began our family, I immediately set forth starting our future children’s library. For the past few Christmas seasons I’ve slowly been researching and buying a few select books each year to add to our Christmas collection.  Each January I store them away with our Christmas and Advent decorations, and each November we take them out anew for reading during Advent in preparation of Christmas. With little ones, we have everything from board [… To read more, click here …]

Feb 022010

We have an antique wagon in our collection that my dad and his siblings played with when they were children. Crafted out of heavy-duty steel, the wagon is unique with air-filled dualie wheels in the back and an interesting axle and hitch system. I asked my dad about it one day and he mentioned that his younger brother had broken the axle once and had then welded a whole new bottom, drilled out and extended the axle, made it a dualie for better maneuverability and put a hitch on the back so he could not only pull another wagon behind the first, but pull both on his bike, which he had also outfitted with a hitch. Age of completion? 8. When was the last time you let your 8-year-old weld? [… To read more, click here …]

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