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Mojito Melon SaladI’m not one to gild the lily on most things.

I like simple, pure flavors of whatever is freshest and in season.

Especially when it comes to fruit.

It is my personal opinion that there is nothing better on a hot summer day than a nice wedge of cold watermelon.

Sure, every summer I make some jams, enjoy a few strawberry shortcakes, peach tarts and blackberry cobblers in the summer (my personal favorite, by the way) but when it comes to summer fruit, more often than not, I eat it fresh, unadorned and straight out of hand.

I’ve seen those recipes for melon salads before.  The one that tries to take the melon’s innate sweetness and turn it savory by adding pungent, crumbly cheese, or thrown in with something like jalapenos or yogurt.

No thank you.  I prefer my melon sweet.  Cold.  Refreshing.  It’s not that I don’t like tangy, crumbly cheese,  Or jalapenos.  I just don’t like them mixed up with melon.  If I want something spicy, I’ll probably make salsa.  If I want something tangy, I’ll probably make this shrimp and blue cheese spread (doesn’t that recipe just make your mouth water?).  And then serve watermelon to cleanse the palate afterwards.

But, when a girlfriend of mine came over for a playdate recently and saw our (over)producing mint, she asked to take some home for a recipe.  I, of course, gave her a big handful, on the auspices that she share the recipe.  And then she told me about this recipe. . . . and I was smitten.

Simple.  Sweet.  Refreshing.  The true flavors of melon shine through but are just perfectly augmented with the piquant lime, sweet honey and fresh mint.  A play on a mojito, really (which is lovely on it’s own) but mixed and macerated to make the perfect summertime treat, whether to start the day at breakfast, or end it after a barbecue, this Mojito Melon Salad is my new favorite thing.

Moijto Melon Salad

  • 1 summer melon (or the equivalency of one – I made this with half a watermelon and half a honeydew while my friend swears it’s perfect with cantaloupe!), seeded, peeled and cut into bite-size chunks
  • The zest and juice of one lime
  • 3 Tablespoons of honey (I use raw honey so it is quite thick.  I heated mine briefly until it was thin enough to drizzle)
  • 1/4 cup finely diced fresh mint

Combine all ingredients together in a large bowl, stirring to combine.  Cover and chill.  Allow to macerate for at least two hours before serving.  It is best the first day or two, but will last about four days in the fridge.


This post is written in conjunction with Two for Tuesday’s Blog Hop, Summer FoodFest, Simple Lives Thursday and Fight Back Friday.

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  9 Responses to “Mojito Melon Salad”

  1. Sounds refreshing. Thanks for sharing with Two for Tuesdays.

  2. Sounds like truly wonderful way to enjoy the fruits of summer and cleanse your palate!

  3. Whata gorgeous picture. Thank you for linking up with Two for Tuesday.

  4. I am sure this is heavenly – I love the 2 different melons because, well I love melons! Thanks for linking this to Two for Tuesdays!

  5. You know, I am with you on the watermelon! I WAIT patiently for summer to gorge on it! Thanks for sharing this on the two for tuesday recipe blog hop! Alex@amoderatelife.

  6. Looks & sounds divine. Would be perfect for a light summer lunch or dessert alternative after barbeque. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. I just wanted to say that I am making this for about the 50th time for a family get together. I just still can’t get enough of it. A friend of mine recently made it for a dinner party and put the watermelon on skewers after letting it macerate overnight and said that it was a huge hit. Thanks for sharing!

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