May 172010

We’re home!

And busy unpacking, settling in, weeding and sowing.  While we’re busy around the homefront, here’s some pics from our first day in the new home . . .

Our new neighbors, we’ve adopted fifteen hens!

Our first egg . . . courtesy of those lovely hens . . .

Michael, the dirt whisperer.  And yes, he does kiss his Mama with that mouth.

Making myself at home . . .

And finally, the brave chicken whisperer . . . he is in love with those hens, feeding them sweet clover from the weeding I’m doing daily.

And finally, signs of things to come . . .

We’ll see you soon!

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 May 17, 2010  Posted by  Home & Garden

  2 Responses to “We’re Home!”

  1. Beautiful pictures! It looks like you have an amazing home there that you will enjoy for years to come.

  2. oh lloyd and the chickens! how cute!

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