Mar 242010

The contract has been signed.

The inspection completed and the list of requests approved.

I can’t believe that we might one day (soon!) live in this house.

Cook in this kitchen. . .

See the double ovens?  One will have a dedicated spot for my baking stone . . .

Bathe my babies in this bathtub. . .

And mama too . . . I love how deep it is!

Dine al fresco . . .

I’m going to need some chairs . . .

And garden to my heart’s content.

Look!  They even have a sandbox all ready for my boys!

I’m still holding my breath, waiting for something terrible to happen to squash our dream of owning our first home.  Is that weird?  Is this a normal feeling for people when they buy a house?
Until we close and get those keys in my hand, I’m still on pins and needles. But, we’re on the journey to home ownership and I’m ready to start packing up some boxes.  Please enjoy a sneak peek of the place (photos are from listing). . . as I work on building this blog to document our new life!

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